CELENA® S Digital Cell Imaging System main frame -no objectives -no filter cubes, CS20001


CELENA® S Digital Cell Imaging System main frame -no objectives -no filter cubes, CS20001


Yes, with CELENA® S, anyone can take beautiful images like these!


Fluorescence images taken with CELENA<sup>®</sup> S Digital Imaging System

CELENA® S, an Innovative Digital Cell Imaging System

The CeELENA® S Digital Imaging System pairs high performance optics, automation, and a user-friendly workflow to create a seamless user experience. High quality images can be captured consistently regardless of one’s level of experience.  With the CELENA® S Digital Imaging System, novices, experts, and everyone in between can easily obtain high quality crisp images in seconds.



High quality apochromatic lenses 

The CELENA® S uses the highest quality optical components from Japan. Outstanding image quality has never been simpler.


Scientific-grade CMOS sensor

Instead of noisy CCD camera, CELENA® S is the first digital microscope with an Ultra-low noise CMOS sensor captures high resolution, publication quality fluorescence images.                         

      Multi-mode phase contrast and bright         field imaging

CELENA® S provides a variety of imaging modes including bright field and phase contrast imaging. Regardless of sample conditions, the CELENA® S ensures exceptional quality in transmitted light imaging.

   Integrated image-capture and                      analysis software

On-board image analysis software enables image-capture and image-analysis in real time.                           


Three color fluorescence

The CELENA® S system includes three swappable LED –optical filter Cubes for 11 of the most commonly used fluorescence dyes.


Time lapse & Z stacking imaging

The CELENA® S system enables time lapse and Z-stack image acquisition with just a few mouse clicks. Complex steps are no longer necessary.



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CELENA<sup>®</sup> S Z-stacking imaging: lily pollen

Z-stacking imaging: Lily pollen, CELENA® S, green fluorescence imaging, 10x lens


Optics Infinity-corrected optics, 45 mm parfocal distance, RMS threaded objectives
Image Format 8,16 bit TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG, 1280×1024 pixels
Imaging Mode Transmitted Light: bright-field & phase-contrast;

Epi-Fluorescence: Three colors;

Programmable Z-Stacking imaging, time-lapse imaging

Imaging Sensor 1.3 MP, Monochrome scientific grade CMOS
Fluorescence Channels 3 (changeable filter cubes)
Condenser Working Distance 50 mm
Focusing Motorized
Objective Turret 5 positions
Stage Mechanical
Computer Built-in Dual core CPU computer
Software Integrated image capturing and data analysis software
Internal Storage 128 GB, SSD
External Storage USB ports
LCD Display Full HD LCD (purchased separately), 1920 x 1080 pixels
Size Each
Dimensions 27 x 29.5 x 44 cm (10.6 x 11.6 x 17.3 inch)
Weight 17 kg (37 lb)


Ordering Information

VitaScientific No. Manufacturer No. Description
CELENA® S Imaging System Packages
LGBD50001 CS20002 CELENA® S Imaging System (Starter Package)
1) Mechanical stage included
2) 4 objectives  3) 3 filter cubes

Items highligted below included with Starter Package.

LGBD50002 CS20001 CELENA® S Imaging System Main Body (Only)
1) Mechanical stage included
2) No objectives 3) No filter cubes
Each CELENA® S Includes 1) Wireless Mouse 2) 4GB USB Drive 3) HDMI Cable 4) Tool Kit
5) Plate Insert 6) Universal Holder 7) Light Protection Box
8) 25mm X 75 mm slide holder, 2 positions  9) Power Cord w/ AC Adapter


LGBD50110 Computer Media Pack: 24 Inch HD LED Display, Power Cord, HDMI Cable, 128 GB USB drive

Lens Selection (Selection Guide   )
Plan Achromatic Lens Set
LGBD50010 I10001 TC PlanAchro 4x Ph (NA 0.13, WD 17.3)
LGBD50011 I10002 TC PlanAchro 10x Ph (NA 0.25, WD 7.6)
LGBD50012 I10003 TC PlanAchro 20x Ph (NA 0.4, WD 7.0)
LGBD50013 I10004 TC PlanAchro 40x Ph (NA 0.65, WD 2.8)
Plan Fluorite Lens Set
LGBD50020 I10005 TC PlanFluor 4x (NA 0.13, WD 17.5)
LGBD50021 I10006 TC PlanFluor 10x (NA 0.3, WD 7.5)
LGBD50022 I10007 TC PlanFluor 20x (NA 0.4, WD 7.5)
LGBD50023 I10008 TC PlanFluor 40x (NA 0.6, WD 2.9)
Plan Apochromatic Lens Set
LGBD50030 I10009 Plan Apochromat Fluor 10x (coverslip-corrected, NA 0.3, WD 8.6)
LGBD50031 I10010 Plan Apochromat Fluor 20x (coverslip-corrected, NA 0.65, WD 0.7)
LGBD50032 I10011 Plan Apochromat Fluor 40x (coverslip-corrected, NA 0.8, WD 0.2)
LGBD50033 I10012 Plan Apochromat Fluor oil 100x (coverslip-corrected, NA 1.25, WD 0.19)
LED Filter Cubes (Selection Guide  )
LGBD50050 I10101 DAPI (Ex375/28, Em460/50)
LGBD50051 I10102 EGFP (Ex470/30, Em530/50)
LGBD50052 I10103 RFP (Ex530/40, Em605/55)
LGBD50053 I10104 mCherry (Ex300/25, Em645/75)
LGBD50054 I10105 ECFP (Ex436/20, Em480/40)
LGBD50055 I10106 EYFP (Ex500/20, Em535/30)
LGBD50056 I10107 DSRed (Ex530/40, Em620/60)
LGBD50057 I10108 Cy5 (Ex620/60, Em700/75)
LGBD50030 I10109 Cy7 (Ex710/75, Em810/90)
LGBD50059 I10110 Cy3/TRITC longpass (Ex530/40, Em570lp)
LGBD50060 I10111 GFP long pass (Ex470/40, Em500lp)
LGBD50061 I10112 Cy5 long pass (Ex620/60, Em665lp)
LGBD50062 I10113 Custom filters
Vessel Holders and Accessories
LGBD50100 I10201 Universal holder
LGBD50101 I10202 25mm X 75 mm slide holder, 2 positions
LGBD50102 I10203 35mm petri dishes, four positions
LGBD50103 I10204 60mm petri dishes, two positions
LGBD50104 I10205 100 mm dish, one position
LGBD50105 I10206 25cm2 Nunc T-25 flasks, two positions
LGBD50106 I10207 75cm2 Nunc T-75 flask, one position
LGBD50107 I10208 25cm2 BD/Greiner T-25 flasks, two positions
LGBD50108 I10209 75cm2 BD/Greiner T-75 flask, one position
LGBD50109 I10210 Glass hemocytometer, one position
LGBD50109 I10301 Phase Alignment Telescope



CELENA® S Digital Imaging System Brochure  

Lens Selection Guide 

LED Filter Cube Selection Guide 


External Links:

Description of digital microscope in Wikipedia

An open source image analysis software, ImageJ, can be used for z-stak 3d reconstruction.  ImageJ can be downloaded at this page.

Articles of 3D/4D image reconstruction using ImageJ:

Additional information

Weight 74 lbs


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